Automatic updating excel chart

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Figure 7: selecting an entire column of data within your table You can also select the entire data area or the entire table by clicking near the table’s top-left corner (the mousepointer changes to a south-east pointing arrow, see figure 8).Figure 8: selecting all data within your table or the whole table is just one or two clicks away. Figure 9: Table header names on Excel’s column header when scrolling If you type anything next to a table, Excel assumes you want to expand the table and automatically increases the table size to include your new entry.If you press it you’re offered two options, "Export Table to Share Point List" and "Export Table to Visio Pivot Diagram".

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Figure 10: Ribbon after clicking the Table Tools tab.If your table is larger than fits on a screen and you scroll down, Excel 2007 has a nice new feature: the column letters are temporarily replaced with the table’s column names (but only whilst you’re inside the table! Of course you can undo this expansion too, or switch off this behavior entirely.When you insert or remove a row (or column) in your table, Excel will automatically adjust the formatting: alternate shading is kept nicely in place.After you’ve finished these steps, your table will look like figure 5.

Figure 5: Range of cells, after converting to table Together with fellow Excel MVP Frederic Le Guen I devised a small add-in to make your table life a little simpler.

The tool adds a tab to the ribbon called Table Tools: And a right-click menu which differs whether you right-click within a table or outside of a table: After defining a table, the area gains special functionalities: If your Table has a header row, it will always have filter and sorting dropdowns in place on the header row.