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01-Sep-2017 19:42

This song is about a boy a man, that knew not his mother.

But to find out later in life when things were just starting to happen for him.

& the line "i wish i could eat your cancer when you turn black" is his way of saying 'i love you' to Courtney.

The title 'Heart-Shaped Box' is, i believe, the heart shaped box Courtney Love sent to Kurt - Which is shown in the video.

Out of no where A mother that needed him, for her life depended on it.

WOW, I don't know WHAT to think, there's all these theories of what it could mean it really gets me thinking, but do you see how much of an artist and how great of a poet Kurt Cobain would have had to have been to have people still wondering what any of his songs mean after all these years but it is true that hechanged subjects in some of his songs and he may have even had multiple meanings to some of his songs.

No one's interpretation is wrong because that is what the song means for that individual. People don’t realise that I’ll say something and it’ll be quoted in an article, then it’ll be taken out and used in another article in a different place, and then again, and then again.

If you would have said , "This is what I get from this song," or, "This is what I think it means," I would have respected your post a lot more. I’ll only have said it once but it looks like I’m complaining all the time.

I think its about being with someone(courtney)first just for the sex,but then she gets knocked up and he has to put up with her crap because they have a child.

I think he is calling her addictive like tar song is about everything he thinks about her and wishes he could tell her,but he doesn't.He taught me to play guitar, we are both musicians.