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By the late 1890s Kalgoorlie's rich alluvial gold deposits had been largely worked out.With the discovery of deep gold reefs and rich telluride minerals at nearby Boulder the age of the independent digger soon drew to a close.The suburb is mainly residential on the eastern side of the suburb.The area between the Eyre Highway and the Stuart Highway on the west side of the suburb’s built area is zoned for industrial use.The Goldfields Visitor Centre has 2 branch offices, one naturally enough located in Kalgoorlie, and the other in nearby Boulder.From the Kalgoorlie Goldfields Visitor Centre travellers can obtain a free copy of the Kalgoorlie Boulder visitors guide and map.It was not until 1926 that a bridge was built across the head of the Spencer Gulf to connect them, replacing a punt.

Current dimensions of the "Super Pit" are 290 metres deep by 1.5 kilometres wide and 4 kilometres long.

The traditional landowners of the Kalgoorlie area are the Maduwangka people and the name Kalgoorlie is said to mean "Silky Pear Bush" in the local aboriginal language.