Rachel mcadams dating history

26-Aug-2017 16:43

Let's review:2011: We all like to think we don't have a type, but we do. Having escaped Bana and his disappearing act, she falls right into the arms of Owen Wilson, who doesn't even attempt to hide his is pretty much the perfect rebound experience for someone chronically into time-traveling love.

If you have no memory, you don't have to accept any of the present's responsibilities.

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It's here to remind America that time-traveling as a heterosexual male and being besotted by Rachel Mc Adams are mutually exclusive. And they find love while traveling at the speed of light and aging at super speeds? You know how you've got that one single friend who's always saying how she's tried everything and you're thinking, No! It could be actually being nice when a guy approaches her in a bar.

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